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I'm former Christian, dying of evil, HELP to your former brother in Christ!!!
Голенков Александр
Голенков Александр

православный христианин
Тема: #70258    21.02.07 13:02    Просмотров: 7197 [44]

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I search for spiritual, moral and physical shelter (maybe, another country) from FORCIBLE ALL-OUT SODOMY-NARCOMANIA ("smoking to devil") which is a MORAL and PHISICAL NORM in this country (Russia), as in the Old-testamental Sodom!

I pray to answer only those who would not cling to the teaching that "Evil is from God", one way or another: be it "directly" or "by connivance", "indulgence", etc., as they say…

This is because the opposite is for me unbearable:

Don't beat me, don't kick me, don't kill me, because this is exactly the thing of which I cannot live, moreover - believe in God, although I started as a believer, I was at first Christian, and the story of my coming to faith in Christ is portrayed in some of the writings at my site, OGNENNOE.RU.

What I do now – is searching the way to survive, be it PHYSICALLY or MORALLY:

Be it some physical shelter from that kind of evil which hellishly tortures and kills me, or be it some kind of faith in Good God, to which I would be still able… So:


In case of doing this, you would torment me ONLY MORE, as ALREADY DONE those who say they are Christians in my country:

The evil-doer whose right to do evil they were they SO defending (demonstrating "ALL LOVE" for him, etc…) – even was UNAWARE of that, had NO IDEA of that, felt of that "neither warmth nor cold", as I say that in my language, while for me it was a most concrete MORAL TORTURE (of which I VERY LOUDLY CRIED), added to that PHYSICAL ONE, to which their "so much beloved" evil-doer subjects always me at each corner!

But if you ask me to say what is that kind of evil concretely, I am very afraid to name it directly, so much it may be "ridiculous" to the majority, at least in the country I live, although … I heard, in some places of the USA a police officer may simply approach in the street and say: "Smoking kills", if someone would try to POISON OTHERS by the … "COMMUNION OF SATAN", which for me it really is! (For, indeed, SATAN ENTERS ME after that!!!)

Will you, then, LAUGH AT ME, as those who call themselves "Christians" in my country did?! Will you TORTURE ME by your laughter, and is it to ridicule someone for you "MOST PRECIOUS OF ALL"?!?!?!

I already can't live of it, I'm completely out of society and out of life; in the West, I heard, people take care of so-called "disabled people", but here, although I received little pension of money from state (very little) as a MAD, nobody would even listen (without their hellish laughter) that I can not live, CAN NOT LIVE AT ALL because of what I just named:

FORCED COMMUNION OF SATAN, and these are not "mere words"! Those who saw me in such state of complete possession by devil, left me to … "IGNORE", as they say, so I'm in COMPLETE LONELINESS.

And this is another reason now I'm dared to "final option": Cry to the Christians in the West; maybe in different counties and different societies – different "habits and rites", as they say, especially to that … SODOM I really live in, for this is for them – exactly the same kind of "NORM", as for the inhabitants of the Old Testamental Sodom was THEIR "Norm" (by which they were anxious to "measure everyone", even the Angels which came to them!!!)

This is why I call it "All-out Forcible Sodomy-Narcomania", Sponsored by State, for someone it is "very profitable" to poison their own people, turning them into heavy drug-addicts, for even the Western companies turned this country into a "disposal dump", of what they cannot sell in the West, as it breaches ALL WESTERN NORMS by it's being poisonous!!!

The aim no I write this — or what I call all of you for — is to make at least some GOOD DEED by raising a CRY of that continued MURDER and GENOCIDE of Russian people.

Or, at least, I pray you NOT TO DEFEND EVIL BY ALL MEANS: by all "truths and untruths", especially saying it is "a Finger of God" (as they here say), subjecting me thus to hell-like moral torture.

I am unable to speak of that anymore, especially in English, for I don't know in it how to express special notions and words I use always in Russian, and even so any speaking of that is for me VERY PAINFUL:

Would you AGGRAVATE ONLY MY PAIN, as they done here?! Is it for you also "MEASURE FOR EVERYTHING", so that even no suffering of drug-poisoned is compared to narcomanic "pleasure" of drug-addicts?!



Голенков Александр
Голенков Александр

православный христианин

Тема: #70258
Сообщение: #2612519
07.03.07 15:39
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This is a letter to "their" moderator, to which i received no answer (probably, she's, besides that, ignorator!) (please, someone try, maybe they'll answer to you, seeing in you someone "corresponding to the Measure of All"?!?!?!):

> I strongly encourage you to write back to me.


Are you real person? (I'm tired of different "Spam", so it is so unreal for me!!!)

> I would like to talk with you more about your post and to see if I could be of any support and help to you in any way possible.

Is it really?!

I had no response for it by mail, so I thought it was either removed (deleted), or things like that, as they usually do with posts like that here in Russia; and I was afraid to check, because it might influence very much my condition (i may cry, for example, can not sleep, etc...), especially taking into account that here in Russia people who call themselves "Christian" usually answer to posts like this trying to cause as much pain (by their answers) as they can.

> This is a message from Akathist To email Akathist, you can use this online form: http://www.christianforums.com/sendmessage.php?do=mailmember&u=75748 OR, by email: rosecounseling@yahoo.com

This is what I will do now, while to go online is much more difficult for me, as connection here is very bad, and monthly traffic is almost over.

> This is the message: Greetings to you my brother! I am an Eastern Orthodox staff person at Christian Forums who works in the area where you posted the following:

"I search for physical and moral shelter from devil in forcible sodomy-narcomania


> We have a rule against posting personal website information in public posts. Of course this is allowed to be posted in your profile so there is no problem with it there. Your post needs an edit related to the personal website.

What are the time limits?! Immediately?! I do not mean to breach your rules, and can promise do that sooner or later (as the access is not very easy), what are your terms?

Here in Russia I am accustomed to a "totalitarian policy" also at Christian forums: to kill a man "without investigation and trial", as they say, is nothing for them!

Is this at all "discussible"?!

(Here, at some Christian forums, even attempt to discuss actions of moderator is punished by "capital punishment" without even any warning!!!)

> Christian Forums is a very very large website and people who have been here for months and months are often confused about where to post things. It is perfectly normal for staff like myself to write and say that a thread is in the wrong place and to work with you to find the most appropriate place to post it.

So, you are a "good policeman" (policewoman)? Not the one who will shoot without even warning?!?!?!

> In reading over your post it appears to me that you might find getting some input from fellow Eastern Orthdox people from around the world would be especially helpful for you.

I can't say whom do you mean, or is this idea good or not. I heard, in places like Greece, for example (where Orthodox faith is wide-spread) the kind of sodomy-narcomania I mentioned is even heavier than here in Russia, so I might be ridiculed or beaten from them even more!

On the other hand, Protestants usually reject all kind of drug addiction, and sometimes are very strict in that sense...

That was namely my hope!

For, I already have no distinction in confession and even religion, for the thing i was crying in my post is really for me a COMMUNION OF SATAN!

The only condition (for the confession or religion) is NOT TO BE SO OPENLY-SATANIC!

I am really dying of that.

> Would you agree to your post being moved by staff to the area of Christian Forums that Eastern Orthodox members post?

See above: I don't know is it good or not!

But thank you at least for not deleting it!

And also for some hope of personal contacts!


> I have added you to my prayer list. Please pray also for me.

I can not pray after satan influences me through forced narcomania (to say the least!)!!!

> Your post causes me to think that you are facing many kinds of evil in your life.

You may read about my life at that site, by which we have started, that is exactly the reason I mentioned it.

> May St. George, the dragon slayer, remember you and I in his prayers.

Are you also Orthodox?! I am Orthodox IN PAST, while in present I am ready for ANYTHING, only to be saved from forcible sodomy-narcomania!

If muslims would say, they are strongly against it, I would become muslim!

(But the terrible thing which I find -- incompatible even with life -- is that ANY RELIGION is for evil!!!)

> Christ is in our midst!

I am surrounded only by devils: "Evil dogs have surrounded me", as it is written in Psalms.

> Xenia (staff name is Akathist) Moderator for Recovery Staff Team

So, you are KIND moderator??? (Not like those here who only CUT and DELETE) (in complete parallel to what they would do -- killing and sending to prison camps -- in case of having REAL PHYSICAL POWER...).

Помогите пожалуйста! Помогите пожалуйста!

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На 77 году ушел из жизни вице-президент ФАР, мастер спорта международного класса по альпинизму Иван Трофимович Душарин, сообщает пресс-служба Федерации альпинизма России. читать далее »


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С шоссе в горы.

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«Одна осталась сердешная»: отшельница Агафья Лыкова в свои 79 лет снова лишилась помощника, ждет поддержки с большой земли. Агафья Лыкова проводила на большую землю своего помощника. Сейчас ... читать далее »

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Господи, спаси и помоги! Молитва за род И Славочка сказал, что сейчас, мамочка, идет подсчет всех родов, каждого рода. И представители сегодняшние могут или загубить свой род, или помочь ему. Он ... читать далее »

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Г.В. Свиридов — Песнопения и молитвы

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Рекомендации по управлению умом. Преподобный Паисий Святогорец.

14 апреля 2024 в 15:28Андрей Рыбак
Преподобный Паисий Святогорец Рекомендации по управлению умом. Преподобный Паисий Святогорец. читать далее »

Духовное 1066

Из бесед на избранные места творений святого Иоанна Лествичника

12 апреля 2024 в 06:10Андрей Бузик
БЕСЕДА ПЕРВАЯ Во имя Отца и Сына и Святаго Духа! Господь сказал Своим ученикам: «Входите тесными вратами, потому что широки врата и пространен путь, ведущие в погибель, и многие идут ими; потому что ... читать далее »

Кино 120

Метанойя. Исповедь бродяги (художественный фильм)

8 апреля 2024 в 10:20Андрей Рыбак
исповедь Метанойя. Исповедь бродяги (художественный фильм) Друзья, вот и пришло время выложить фильм «Метанойя. Исповедь бродяги» в открытый доступ! Идея этого фильма у меня возникла в 2016 году, а ... читать далее »

Мир 354

Государь пребудет в один из отелей Москвы

4 апреля 2024 в 21:31Андрей Рыбак
Царь Николай II Александрович Государь пребудет в один из отелей Москвы/ СЕРГИЙ АЛИЕВ/ Репост! читать далее »

Документы 238

Биометрию навязывают предатели родины! Мишустин разнёс Госдуму!

3 апреля 2024 в 11:31Андрей Рыбак
Госдума Биометрию навязывают предатели родины! Мишустин разнёс Госдуму! Мишустин Николай Николаевич, член экспертного совета при Комитете Государственной Думы по защите семьи, вопросам отцовства, ... читать далее »

Видео 448

Объяснение Квантового Проявления. Доктор Джо Диспенза

31 марта 2024 в 17:38Андрей Рыбак
Мысли в картинках Объяснение Квантового Проявления | Люди Не Осознают, Насколько Они... | Доктор Джо Диспенза Переключение своего внимания с одного человека на другого, с одной проблемы на другую, ... читать далее »


Зрелищный и захватывающий! Наши райдеры продемонстрировали невероятные трюки в Москве на втором этапе Кубка России по BMX фристайлу!

Зрелищный и захватывающий! Наши райдеры продемонстрировали невероятные трюки в Москве на втором этапе Кубка России по BMX фристайлу! В Москве в "Рампстрое" завершился Кубок России второй этап и ... читать далее »


Все лучшие гонщики по маунтинбайку собрались на Кубке России в Псебае!

Все лучшие гонщики по маунтинбайку собрались на Кубке России в Псебае! Сегодня мы узнали победителей Кубка России и Всероссийских соревнований по маунтинбайку в дисциплине "короткий круг". У женщин ... читать далее »

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